Club Goa, Hollywood: Where the Beautiful People Go(a)

Located at 1615 Cahuenga Boulevard, Goa is one of the most posh and upscale nightclubs currently operating in Hollywood. With Indian and Moroccan-inspired interiors and lush carpeting from floor to ceiling, more and more Hollywood celebrities are making appearances at Goa. The list of celebrities include David Spade, Amy Smart, Paris Hilton, Bruce Willis, Wilmer Valderrama, Drew Barrymore, Justin Long, Ryan Seacrest, and tons more.

Goa Hollywood is a supper club venture of Adolfo Suaya and actor-turned-entrepreneur and events promoter Michael Sutton. Sutton is also the marketing president for Xenii, a private and highly exclusive mobile country club for elite celebrities, clubbers and party-goers, as well as tycoons and businessmen. Club Goa is reflective of Sutton’s high-profile status in the Hollywood scene, as most reviews for the club say that neophyte clubbers with no looks nor connections will find it hard to get in. This exclusivity is perhaps the reason why a lot of Hollywood celebrities have been partying in Club Goa.

Suaya and Sutton also contracted the help of Ted Fujita (owner of Yu & Mi Sushi) to lend his expertise on Japanese food, which is the main cuisine being offered in the club. The club was designed and constructed by Kristofer Keith, and his must-see innovative idea of having an eight mile-long ensemble of gold chains suspended over the bar only further adds to the buzz already surrounding the posh club.
Also, the club has enough V.I.P. lounges and nooks to make it celebrity-friendly. The Hulk star Ed Norton has been spotted a number of times in one of these private lounges.

Club Goa in Hollywood can also be rented for private parties and can house 500-800 people, making it an ideal venue for Hollywood bigwigs to hold their events and parties in. Wednesday nights are house music nights in Goa, so skip going to Goa on that day if you’re not into the whole house clubbing thing. Directions on how to get to Goa can be found on the club’s official website.

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